Sharia Law in Australia

ABC 17 May 2011

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils wants Muslims to be able to marry, divorce and conduct financial transactions under the principles of sharia law.

In a submission to the Federal Parliament’s Committee on Multicultural Affairs, the Federation has asked for the change.  Full Article


Fresh debate over Sharia law in Australia

Posted 17 May 2011, 6:23pm

The Federation of Islamic Councils has urged a parliamentary committee to consider permitting elements of Sharia law in Australia. The Council argues there are areas of community life such as marriage, inheritance, halal meats and finance that would be beneficial to Muslims and the general population. A Law lecturer says her research into Islamic communities in Australia shows there is no desire to establish a parallel legal system. Others say Islamic women in other Western countries want the protection of secular laws  Read More

Sharia law is already operating in Australia


Sharia: why a dual legal system will not work in Australia

February 29, 2012 4.25pm AEDT

A major Australian Islamic group recently argued for a formal recognition of sharia or Muslim law in the Australian legal system.

According to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Australia should integrate Islamic religious law into existing regulations and statute governing areas of life as diverse as marriage, divorce and many financial transactions.

Such calls for a dual legal system recognising Islamic law or sharia are not only premature, but would be unsustainable and impractical.

Having two legal systems would be overly complicated, but there is also not a big enough Muslim population in Australia to warrant the change. And even if there was, the varied nature of this community would mean different religious interpretations of sharia, making any new legal system problematic.  Read full article




Q&A: 5 Jun 2013



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