Identify the enemy by Name

Robert Spencer on Hannity’s Great American Panel,  January 10, 2015: “Rise of Radical Islam”

Published on 12 Jan 2015

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch appeared on Hannity’s Great American Panel on January 10, 2015 to discuss the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre and the truth about Islamic jihad.

This video covers so much that we need to be aware of.:

  • Islam means Submission
  • You can not defend against what you do not name”
  • 300 Million Muslims believe the teachings literally
  • We are now in a geo political war
  • US Governement removes all reference to Islam from military – they refuse to name if Islam rather “violent extremism” – Obama’s administration irradicated reference to islam
  • Leah couldn’t bring herself to call it what it is “Islam” – she still referred to it as “violent extremism”
  • Immigration – they need to adhere to a “social contract’
  • First we kill the Jews and then we come for the Christians.
  • 1..2 Billion Muslims in the world today 15% are radicalised about 300Million ready to blow us up.

A great collection of speakers on thsi panel. Shame we could not hear all they had to say. Interesting the



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