Lars Hedegaard, Denmark needs free speech Islam not compatible with freedom loving people

This video is all about Freedom of Speech and media censorship in Europe as Laas Hedegaard , an historian, has been charged and is facing conviction



Lars Hedegaard had an bungled attempt on his life. He had a mail man come to his dorr, hand him a parcel and then shoot a gun at his head. Thankfully he missed.

Journalist are lucrative. Being a journalist in this country is not really a profession it is more like a political party

45% of Denmark our now Muslim as a result of immigration

If you can not solve a problem then at least silence it.

Chanecellor Miekle claimed multiculterism had failed in Germany.

Q:How would you characterise the influence of Brussles on the media reporting on immigration policies

A:EU  November Nov 2008  framework decision have to introduce laws have to criminalise racial and hate speech.  Each country member state has to guarantee laws that will defend  rubber article will get between 1-3 years . These also


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