Pro Multiculturalism IS anti Islam – don’t you get it Betina?

​Is Betina Szkudlarek just blatantly uninformed?

My response to her article:

The racist fringe must be cut before it grows stronger

I have 5 things to say

  1. Anti Islam is Pro Multiculturalism
  2. I am Anti Islam because I respect and value other people’s right to enjoy Australia, side by side with me, in peace and harmony including Muslims.
  3. Islam is a destructive political idealogy that says convert or die (what part of that don’t you understand Betina?) which preaches violence and inequality
  4. Europe is experiencing cival uprising as a result of their open immigration policies. Hello!! Look at Germany and look at Sweden – two of the most liberal countries with wide open door policies.
  5. Name calling of people who have an opinion that is different to yours is not very professional and it is exactly what the Silence Jihard wants Racist , Bigot, Intolerant, anti-Muslim Islamphobic . As a journalist you think you would have your wordsmith skills a little better hones. Islam is not a race.

They are now heading towards ruin unless the peaceful people raise up a political party that puts a stop to it.

Sweden is now the number one rape capital of the world. Sweden, Germany  and France all suffering under “No Go” Islamic gettos. Their police and ambulance personel are in constant danger.

French Governement reported on their website there were 751 enclaves “No Go ” areas ruled by Sharia Law. They do not recognise French Law. They are taught “Anyone who insults the prophet must be put to death.  2 of the 3 perpertraiters of the Charlie Hebro killings were born in these areas.

Is this what you want for our beautiful safe country Betina?

All I ask is you get  up to speed with the facts. Your ignorance of this subject is down right dangerous.

Betina wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald:

“If we don’t curtail growing anti-immigration rhetoric, we risk going down the same intolerant path as Europe.”

Well Betina, I am unashamably Anti Islam.

Why? Because I love our multicultural Australia where the Italians and the Greeks and the Vietnamese and the Chinese and absolutley everyone has been able to come to our beautiful country and assimulate and contribute into our society and bring with them all the  rich tapestry of their culture and live in harmony and peace with their neighbours who might have been true blue Aussies or from some other country.

Read her full article here


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