We do not believe our schools should require the Islam council to vet, alter and approve our curriculum


Refusal to allow public money to go to Muslim only Schools posing as “non profi, multi denominational schools which we have had here in Australia which have proven to be shames – refer   and

The Murreba story

The Great Mareeba Islamic School Deception

This saga is astounding, but not unexpected, when it comes to Councils, Islamic development applications, and funny money, anything goes.

How one Australian, Kim Vuga, can make a difference. Why a proposed $70m Islamic Boys Boarding School pulls the pin in Mareeba, and how a community pulled together united and won.

Red flag on fifth Islamic school

A MUSLIM school in Sydney’s southwest has been accused of serious financial mismanagement, becoming the fifth Islamic school in two years to potentially face a freeze in state funding.

A former principal of Bellfield College, who resigned last month, has also claimed its students were put at risk by landfill that allegedly contained asbestos and sewerage problems that contaminated drinking water.

Although the allegations have been put to police, no action has been taken by the NSW Education Department or Education Minister Adrian Piccoli, who has declined to reveal when he was first made aware of the claims.

Sam Cannavo resigned as principal late last month over the management of the 230-student school, making a formal complaint to police alleging that up to $2.1 million had gone missing from the school. Mr Cannavo has given police allegedly falsified building receipts with millions drawn on an account managed by a senior school official.


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