China – what you need to know

Bill speaks with Klon Kitchen and Dean Cheng to size up the China problem.

Over the past forty years, since Deng Xiaoping began his policy of “Reform and Opening,” the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has evolved from a less developed country to the second largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. Over the past 25 years, it has also steadily transformed the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into a force that is capable of influencing regional, and increasingly global, security environments. While the United States can’t seem to look beyond the next election cycle, China is far along in its decades-long vision to be the dominant economic and military power in the world On the latest edition of “The Bill Walton Show,” I spoke with Heritage Foundation senior research fellows Klon Kitchen and Dean Cheng to size up the China problem and begin sketching out an effective response. Dominating the technology sector is a key part of China’s strategy. Listen in to learn more about China’s high technology challenge to the United States, and also to its own people. Also take a look at Cheng’s Congressional testimony. You’ll find it sobering. And it describes only some of the reasons that China poses a long-term existential challenge to America.

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