Iceland restricted freedom of education

Iceland’s primary school system is rapidly deteriorating.

A third of Iceland’s young men are illiterate after ten years of study, and one in ten fourteen year old girls worries about being bullied in school. Iceland has some of the world’s most medicated children, and recent government efforts have only exacerbated the situation.

Nevertheless, Iceland has put restrictive education laws in place that make it nearly impossible for families to home educate their children.

It may be wrong to place the whole blame on the education system, but parents in Iceland simply don’t have any alternatives. Government approved education is mandatory. There are only a handful of alternative schools, and even these are forced to follow the state curriculum.

Basic economic principles teach us that a lack of competition leads to a lack of competence. Therefore, it is not surprising to see a monopolized school system like Iceland’s deteriorating at a rapid pace.

Homeschooling outperforms government education. It could be good way for many families to reverse the negative education trend in Iceland. Moreover, it is the natural right of parents to supervise the education of their own children.

Between 1995 and 2009, homeschooling was allowed only in a few cases as an exception from the system. In 2009, a regulation on homeschooling was introduced which requires that at least one parent hold a teaching license. Parents are also forced to follow a state sanctioned curriculum.

But many parents in Iceland are still fighting for their freedom of education!

This situation presents a unique opportunity for concerned citizens around the world to make a strong case for freedom of education and homeschooling.

P.S. By signing this petition, you can show your support for the efforts to change education regulations in Iceland. Furthermore, the case may eventually reach the European Court of Human Rights. If the Court agrees that restricting freedom of education to certified teachers goes against one of the main principles of any western constitution–equal rights before the law–the case for allowing homeschooling in other countries would be strengthened.

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China – what you need to know

Bill speaks with Klon Kitchen and Dean Cheng to size up the China problem.

Over the past forty years, since Deng Xiaoping began his policy of “Reform and Opening,” the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has evolved from a less developed country to the second largest gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. Over the past 25 years, it has also steadily transformed the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into a force that is capable of influencing regional, and increasingly global, security environments. While the United States can’t seem to look beyond the next election cycle, China is far along in its decades-long vision to be the dominant economic and military power in the world On the latest edition of “The Bill Walton Show,” I spoke with Heritage Foundation senior research fellows Klon Kitchen and Dean Cheng to size up the China problem and begin sketching out an effective response. Dominating the technology sector is a key part of China’s strategy. Listen in to learn more about China’s high technology challenge to the United States, and also to its own people. Also take a look at Cheng’s Congressional testimony. You’ll find it sobering. And it describes only some of the reasons that China poses a long-term existential challenge to America.

London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together”: 423 mosques, 100 Sharia courts


And the police in many areas are enforcing Sharia blasphemy laws, hunting for people who insult Islam. The end of Britain as a free society is at hand.

“Muslim London: 423 new mosques, 100 Shariah courts,” Saudi Gazette, October 7, 2018:

London —Britain has been acquiring an increasingly Islamic face, with hundreds of official Shariah courts operating in the capital and many mosques dotting many cities.

Maulana Syed Raza Rizvi, an Islamic preacher, was quoted as saying in the local media….

There are 423 new mosques in London and most of these mosques are crowded at prayer times unlike many churches which rarely see visitors.

The Daily Mail published photographs of a church and a mosque a few meters from each other in the heart of London. At the Church of San Giorgio, designed to accommodate 1,230 worshipers, only 12 people gathered to celebrate Mass. At the Church of Santa Maria, there were 20

The nearby Brune Street Estate mosque has a different problem: overcrowding. Its small room can contain only 100.

By 2020, estimates are that the number of Muslims attending prayers will reach at least 683,000, while the number of Christians attending weekly Mass will drop to 679,000….

London is also full of Shariah courts. There are officially 100. The advent of this parallel judicial system has been made possible thanks to the British Arbitration Act and the system of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

British universities are also advancing Islamic law.

In facing Islamism, our elites have betrayed us”, says French top journalist in mindblowing interview

While inter-community violences have now been recognised by none other than France’s ex-Minister of Interior, top journalist Yves Mamou is accusing the French elites of closing their eyes on immigration and the Islamisation of the country.

The political parties, the experts, the judges, the media, the cultural elites… have, for multiple reasons and for decades, and still today, encouraged and legitimised the Islamic immigration

Yves Mamou is a journalist who’s publishing a book titled “The Great Abandonment. French elites and Islamist”. He gave an interview to talk about it to Le Figaro.

Here’s are some translated parts of the interview.

“The constance in which the State Council (France’s highest administrative justice) helped in the building of an Islamic nation is staggering”

“I listed in my book all of the State Council’s decisions in favour of muslim immigration, in favour of the Islamic veil, in favour of the burkini, in favour of the burqa, in favour of polygamous families.

“A few days ago, France 2’s nightly news (France 2 is a State funded French TV broadcaster) diffused a report on the knife crime epidemic in London. But the same epidemic exists in France and zero media whatsoever is reporting on it”.

“In France, the Islamic nation (…) is the result of a politique. French elites, who are all parts of the state, the political parties, the experts, the judges, the media, the cultural elites… have, for multiple reasons and for decades, and still today, encouraged and legitimised the Islamic immigration”.

He also talked about the surprising Gerard Collomb’s exit from the govermnent a few days ago.

“Gerard Collomb is part of the French political elite. He left his job by informing us that civil war is at our doors. A flee that her alone justify my title “The Great Abandonmnent”.

Muslims who plotted jihad massacre wanted Australians to agree to live under Sharia or be exiled or killed

This supremacist imperative — subjugation or death — is a constant of Islamic history. As I show in my book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, there has never been any place to which Muslims have gone where they have not offered those choices to non-Muslims. The West thinks that the situation will be different now due to an orgy of wishful thinking with no basis in reality.

“Islamist Terrorist Planned to ‘Ram People With Car, Shoot People’ in Christmas Day Attack,” by James Hetherington, Newsweek, October 1, 2018 (thanks to the Geller Report):

An Australian man who had planned a terror attack in Melbourne had his confession played in a Victoria courtroom. Twenty-four-year-old Ibrahim Abbas admitted to having planned an attack for Christmas Day in 2016. He appeared in court to provide evidence against co-conspirators over crimes to which he had already pleaded guilty.

His 23-year-old brother, Hamza Abbas, 27-year-old cousin, Abdullah Chaarani, and 25-year-old friend, Ahmed Mohamed, are all now being tried in Melbourne Supreme Court. They have all pleaded not guilty, having been arrested with Abbas on December 22, three days before their planned 2016 attack.

According to, Abbas was grilled on his views and showed strong support for the Islamic State group. He said Australia should live by Sharia law. “They would have to sign a contract to live with, among Muslims in peace. Whoever does not sign the contract either leaves the country or is executed,” said Abbas.

Abbas reportedly recruited people to his terror plan at the Hume Islamic Youth Center, convincing them the attacks needed to be done, according to The Age.

“You could ram people with a car, you can use a knife attack, you can shoot people,” Abbas said, according to The Age. “The bigger, the more terror is achieved, and that’s the point. The whole point of jihad is martyrdom. Martyrdom is attaining death through acts of jihad. Your sins are erased and you are granted paradise.”

In his confession, Abbas said: “I’m going to let you know everything that was said by me. I’m done with all these questions and bullshit. Australia is attacking Muslims in the Islamic State.”

The prosecution alleged that the men were planning to undertake attacks with explosives, knives and firearms against anyone they considered a nonbeliever. The men were allegedly planning to attack Melbourne locations such as Flinders Street Station, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Federation Square.

Efforts to build a bomb were unsuccessful, said Abbas—who had allegedly purchased hydrogen peroxide with Mohamed. “We never really done anything with it because we had no clue,” he said, according to the Herald Sun. “We couldn’t really follow the video properly. I wasn’t able to make a bomb with the hydrogen peroxide.”…

School assignment to write about converting to Islam

This very assignment was given to a class on the Sunshine coast. As advised by a local MP, it was his daughter.

Would any British school have given an assignment to write about converting to Christianity? Of course not. If it had done so, Muslim students, their parents, and Islamic groups would be protesting vociferously, and the school would be apologizing. But in this case, it is the stepfather who is vilified for complaining. And so the Islamization of Britain gallops forward.

“‘I’ve been called a racist and a bigot’: Stepfather explains why he complained when school asked his girl, 12, to write a letter for homework about becoming a Muslim,” by Lara Keay, Mailonline, October 2, 2018:

A stepfather who slammed his 12-year-old’s school for making her write a letter about ‘converting to Islam’ has been called a ‘racist bigot’ and is terrified of violent repercussions.

Mark McLachlan, 43, complained to Kepier School in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland when he found the homework task in his stepdaughter’s planner.

He refused to let her finish the ‘letter to my family about converting to Islam’, claiming it was ‘brainwashing’ her about the religion and did not see what it would achieve.

But since posting about it on social media he says he has received a lot of abuse.

He told MailOnline: ‘My wife and I are terrified of the repercussions.

‘Any time anybody says anything negative about Islam they are torn to shreds.

‘I’ve been called a racist and a bigot, but I’m just terrified for my children and for the way this country is going.

‘In 50 years time I can see Britain becoming an Islamic state and my children and grandchildren are still going to be alive – I don’t want them wearing a niqab.’

Mr McLachlan, who has been with the 12-year-old’s mother for five years, said he was particularly outraged by the task because he thinks she is being given a ‘false representation of Islam’.

He added: ‘She was told to google ‘Why should I convert to Islam’, but if she had researched both sides and googled ‘Why shouldn’t I convert to Islam’ she wouldn’t have been able to sleep.

‘I’ve done it and the stuff that comes up is horrific.

‘My stepdaughter is coming home talking about the Prophet Muhammad and halal meat saying Islam is the religion of peace.

‘But if she watched the news and knew about all the atrocities Islam has caused all over the world, she would know it isn’t the religion of peace at all.’

The stepfather, who also has a daughter, stressed he has ‘nothing but respect’ for the deputy head of Kepier School, who was ‘completely understanding of his concerns.

He told MailOnline the teacher has agreed to hold a meeting to review the task and address his concerns.

Nicola Cooper, the school’s principal, said: ‘At Kepier we feel it is very important to introduce our learners to all faiths and cultures and we do this throughout the academic year.

‘For example, next week we will be celebrating all faiths during National Inter Faith Week.

‘We welcomed Mr McLachlan into school earlier this week and were happy to explain to him how we explore all faiths and cultures.

‘Our Culture and Wellbeing programme of study is in line with the National Curriculum and we believe it provides the basis for a broad, balanced and engaging introduction to the areas typically taught in RE and PSHCE.’…