Britain: What their Muslims really think

Survey of half of Britains 3 million Muslims.

Half of these Mulsims were born overseas

Published on 15 Apr 2016

Trevor Phillips’ TV special

Comply or Explain for schools – could work.

Active Integration Policies.


Army chaplains to remove ‘conquer’ from 102-year-old motto because it is offensive to Muslims

In this sign ConquorI have included this in the section Sharia-Apostacy because Apostacy is not just about Mulims leaving the faith. It includes anyone who questions or speaks out against or mocks or offends a Muslim.  One translation of the sacred text is “making mischief”. Any one making mischief against a Muslim is guilty of Apostacy – punishable by death.


Mischief-makers should be murdered, crucified, or dismembered

33. The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement, Qur’an 5:32

THE Australian Army is removing the motto “In this sign conquer” from the 102-year-old hat badges of army chaplains because it is offensive to Muslims.

The move comes after an imam approved by the Grand Mufti was appointed to join the ­Religious Advisory Committee to the Services in June.

Australian Army chaplains have had the motto on their hat badges since 1913.

A Defence spokeswoman last night denied the motto was being changed because it was associated with the Crusades, when Christian armies fought Muslims in the Holy Land during the Middle Ages.

“The motto of the Australian Army Chaplains is being changed to better reflect the diversity of religion throughout the Australian Army,” she said.

“The new wording on the Australian Army Chaplaincy badge is under consideration and no decision has been made at this time.”

Former army major Bernard Gaynor, whose commission was terminated last year due to his outspoken views, said: “This is political correctness destroying our military heritage.”

Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem.
Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem.

The army imam, Sheik Mohamadu Nawas Saleem, has previously called for sharia law to be introduced into Australia. He signed a petition supporting radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which has argued in favour of honour killings and said Muslim students should not be forced to honour Anzac Day.

Sheik Saleem works about 40 days a year for the Army and is paid $717 for each one: almost $30,000 a year.


Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed.
Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed.



Sheik Saleem was supported for the role by Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, who this week sparked controversy by failing to come straight out and condemn the Paris terror attacks.

The Defence spokeswoman said: “There are 102 ADF permanent members who self-identify as Muslim. In addition there are 40 Active Reservists who have declared as Muslim.’’


The announcment caused outrage

Former army major Bernard Gaynor, who is standing as the Australian Liberty Alliance senate candidate in Queensland reaffirmed his position that is was “political correctness destroying our military heritage”

“The Australian Army is changing a hat badge to soothe Islamic sensibilities. That’s foolish appeasement.” he tweeted.

Christian Democrat Party head Fred Nile also took to social media to express his outrage.

“The proposed changes to our Army chaplains motto is outrageous. #JoinCDP to put an end to this politically correct nonsense” he tweeted.

Meanwhile readers flooded the Daily Telegraph website with comments on the controversial move.

More than 700 people have commented on the story on the Daily Telegraph website and more than 1100 have responded to a post on Facebook.

The majority deride the move as political correctness gone wrong.

“Why not give Muslim chaplains their own cap badge as has been done for Jewish chaplains, so each faith has their own insignia?” Gray commented,

“A simple, common sense solution that respects everyone and does not require anyone to sacrifice their heritage.

Peter wrote: “This is Australia! This is our country! These words are from a generation that fought for the freedoms that we enjoy here in Oz. Part of our heritage, Australian Heritage!”

Others called for heads to roll.

“This is seriously concerning.” Brando commented. “I would love to know who actually made this final decision to remove the word. They should both be ashamed of themselves.”

Muslim Gangs Take Control of 55 Zones in Sweden

Muslim criminal gangs have taken control of 55 “no-go zones,” according to a report released by Swedish police, which mapped out the areas law enforcement has handed over. The areas are overrun by organized crime and drug dealing and officers frequently face direct attacks when trying to enter them. We look at how the gangs have secured these zones from criminal authorities, and how authorities have been powerless to change the tide in this Lip News clip with Elliot Hill and Mark Sovel.



My Home Town Fanatics

May 2013 Luton, Britain … Stacey Dooley

“The law of the land can go to hell …”
30,000 muslims live in Luton
26 mosques in Luton
Three towns and cities have joined London in having a minority white British population. Researchers say more than 50 per cent of people living in Leicester, Luton and Slough are either foreign or from an ethnic minority.
Birmingham is expected to have a similar make-up by 2020.

I note Omar at 21 minutes is giving a very  “digestable version”
“almost fictional”  maybe he should ask the women who have been stoned to death.
The 2 at 31 minutes are intersting. … These are our Islamic core beliefs !!


Council pays for Muslim swim screen

RATEPAYERS will finance a $45,000 screen at a public pool so Muslim women can have privacy at female-only swim sessions.

The City of Monash has approved the financing despite dissent from a female councillor.

Cr Denise McGill said the issue had been divisive.

An Islamic women’s group agreed the screen was unnecessary, Cr McGill said.

There are sharia swim suits and other modest forms like three-piece swim suits that are generally acceptable for the Muslim community,” she said.

Cr McGill said she supported women-only swim sessions at Clayton pool but said the $45,000 earmarked for curtains could be better spent.

In February, Monash won an exemption from equal opportunity laws to offer fortnightly classes.

But the Victorian Multicultural Commission rejected the council’s application to help meet the cost of privacy curtains.

Council agreed to offer the female-only sessions for “cultural reasons” after being approached by Muslim women from various backgrounds.