Diversity is our destruction not our strength

Hi All, we often hear the phrase “Our diversity is our strength”. This is  patently untrue, in fact the opposite is true.

Chris Newman (Freedom & Heritage Australia) has suggested that we read Frank Salter’s paper called: The Misguided Advocates of Open Borders. (attached)

It sets out the evidence, and notes that Australian Academia is so narrow that no academic has highlighted the glaring omissions and errors in a major paper on the subject by Prof. Bagaric.

This is Frank’s area of expertise and his analysis here is excellent. We must push back against the lies that are told out of ignorance, or to deliberately mislead a naive and compassionate population.

Bear in mind this paper is 8 years old, since then the dangerous outcomes of diversity are now more obvious.

This 2010 article might interest you. I wrote it angry after reading in the Sydney Morning Herald an article that called for Australia to open its borders to the world.
Also in 2010 I gave a talk on the subject at the national convention of the Christian Democratic party:
Also in 2010 I gave a talk on the subject at the national convention of the Christian Democratic party:



“The Safest Port Is Yours”: Italy’s Interior Minister Blocks Migrant Ship, Hundreds Of North Africans Denied Entry

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Italy’s new populist Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has made good on his warning last weekend that “the good times for illegals are over” – writing an urgent letter ordering Malta to accept a ship carrying 629 shipwrecked North African migrants currently sitting off the Italian coast – calling Malta the “safest port” for the passengers, and advising that Rome will not offer refuge.

Migration is ‘too high’ and welfare entitlements are ‘too generous’

June 9, 2018

Senator Cory Bernardi says, migration is ‘too high’ and welfare entitlements are ‘too generous’

Migration levels are too high and welfare entitlements are too generous, according to Senator Cory Bernardi, and many, many other concerned Australians.

Australia’s current intake is around 230,000-240,000 per year. That’s a million additional people in four years. A figure close to the population of the city of Adelaide, which took two hundred years to develop.

According to Bernardi, “governments haven’t been able to keep up with the infrastructure demands on it, and there’s been a too generous welfare entitlement.”

“If you reduce the level of migration firstly, until we can catch up, that’s one positive thing. Secondly we need to target those people who are going to make an immediate contribution to our economy,” he said.

Ayaan Hirsi on the Islamization of Europe, Immigration Jihad and the Impotence of the West

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, ardent defender of Western civilization against Islamic supremacism, New York Times bestselling author, former Dutch MP and recipient of The New Criterion’s fourth annual Edmund Burke Award for Service to Culture & Society argues that Islamic supremacists are using immigration or the Islamic concept of the ‘hijra’ as a means of Islamizing Europe while Europeans refuse to assimilate Muslims or defend their culture against those purposefully seeking to destroy it, during an in-depth interview for The New Criterion by Ben Weingarten, commentator and Founder & CEO of ChangeUp Media. For more from The New Criterion’s April 2016 ‘Edmund Burke Award’ gala and other compelling content, check out The New Criterion’s YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNewCri….


Mass Migration Is Harming Our Society Says UK Home Secretary

Mass Migration Britian Migrant-hordes-invade-Europe-620x380

Oct 2015

Mass immigration is making it impossible to build a cohesive society and is against Britain’s national interest, the Home Secretary will declare today.

Theresa May will warn the Tory conference that huge pressure is being placed on public services and infrastructure by economic migrants.

This sort of thing gets said all the time by Cameron’s government, but nothing is ever done about it for some mysterious reason.

Our own government has never explained the reason for record immigration intake and the Temporary Foreign Workers program.

But then like the TPP it’s not for our benefit.


There has to be a will to bring us together – Andrew Bolt

THINK AGAIN – An Interview with Andrew Bolt. An agnostic who publically defends the Christian faith and believes Islam needs reform

Calvary Christian Church

  • Q & A bias against Christians
  • Media treats Christian church different to Muslims
  • excessive courtesy to Islam
  • 5 journalist subjected to threat to their lives here in Australia
  • I see the link between the chritian faith and the freedoms i enjoy, its no coincidence that the freer societies in the world are almost universally Christian.
  • I think Humility is what is missing
  • You are living on the fat of Christianity
  • Foreign Minister Julia Bishop described radical Islam as a greater threat to world peace than communism was during the height of cold war
  • as the twig is bent, so grows the tree. Jesus very different to Muhammod
  • Julia Bishop said to truly defeat Islamic state we need to challenge and repudiate its idealogy
  • Islam and Ideology –  an artificial distinction. need to say reform “What” The “What” is the Koran
  • The Church should be very explicit about its teachings.



Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next….

This video I found explains what mass muslim migration has done to Sweden and the bleak future Sweden has over the next few decades.
The swedes far left liberal approach has destroyed their own country. Sweden is no longer the image you once had…..Swedenstan has arrived.
We must all understand the serious concerns and threats we are under and learn from the mistakes of Sweden. Do not allow your country to be next, Sweden has fallen….

Immigration can be great for a country, it all depends on the nature and the number of the immigrants.

First of all the immigrants need to be willing and able to adapt to the way of the natives and they need to be able to contribute economically.

Secondly the number of immigrants should not be so large that it becomes difficult for them to integrate or so large that it destroys the identity of the host country.  These are the 2 laws of good immigration. Sweden is violating both


Migration and Sharia

Bill Warner PhD

There is a mass migration from Islamic lands to Kafir lands. It is the mission of Islam to bring the Sharia into power, everywhere. There is an ethical divide between Islam and the hated Kafir civilization. It is the purpose of Sharia to dominate the Kafir civilization.

As Muslims immigrate, they immediately make Sharia demands. These demands are endless in details, but the process can take generations. We can see the centuries long transformation in the Middle East and Turkey which used to be Christian.

This does not mean that every Muslim takes part in the politics of Sharia, since only a few Islamic leaders are needed. The reason that Islam can win every attempt to advance Sharia is that Kafirs are tolerant of all demands and do not push back. So if our attitudes do not change, Kafir nations will become Sharia nations.