Sell alcohol and pork or we will shut you down, French town tells halal supermarket

PA halal supermarket in a Paris suburb has been told by local authorities it must start selling alcohol and pork or else it will be shut down.

Halal france supermarket

Good Price discount mini-market in Colombes has been told by the local housing authority, from which it rents its premises, that it has not followed the conditions on the lease that stipulate that the shop must act as a “general food store.”

The authority argues that all members of the local community are not being served properly if there are no alcohol or pork products in the Good Price store, which is run as a franchise and which last year replaced another small supermarket.

“The mayor of Colombes, Nicole Goueta, went there herself and asked the owner to diversify the range of products by adding alcohol and non-halal meats,” the mayor’s chief of staff, Jérôme Besnard, told The Telegraph.

He said locals, particularly older residents, had complained that they could no longer get the full range of products at Good Price, which replaced a regular supermarket, and had to travel some distance now to do their shopping.

“We want a social mix. We don’t want any area that is only Muslim or any area where there are no Muslims,” Mr Besnard said, adding that the town’s reaction would have been the same had a kosher shop opened on that spot.

The Colombes housing authority argues that the store breaches French republican principles by prioritising a certain group within society rather than catering to all categories.

It has taken legal action to bring an end to the lease which would normally run until 2019. The case goes to court in October.

Soulemane Yalcin, who runs the shop under franchise, said he was merely catering to the demands of his customers in this area of large public housing estates.

“It’s business,” said Mr Yalcin.

“I look around me and I target what I see. The lease states ‘general food store and related activities’ – but it all depends on how you interpret ‘related activities’,” he told Le Parisien newspaper.

He has hired a lawyer to fight the housing authority’s bid to get him evicted.

The row in Colombes came as another town – this time in the south of France – decided to take action to stop another perceived breach of republican principles.

The mayor of Pennes-Mirabeau, near Marseille, is seeking to ban an event at a water park that is open only to burkini-clad women and children.

The event organised by a local community group said the need for modest swimwear was because there would be male lifeguards on duty at the Speedwater Park venue.

Burkinis are banned at municipal pools in France, as are women-only events, but private venues are in theory allowed to host them.

But the mayor of Pennes-Mirabeau said he was outraged by this “provocation” and that he would use a bylaw to ban it on the grounds that it is likely to cause public disorder.


Muslim Prayers Block Streets

Is this really about prayer?

Islamic men block the streets of major cities in the world as a show of dominance and defiance.

This is the beginning of flexing their muscle against the ruling police, against the law of the land.

It is the beginning of No Go Zones where police, ambulance, firefighters, media and non muslims are not welcome.  Could you imagine living in this street?

Sydney – July 2014 Thousands of Muslims men pray together in the streets of Lakemba in Sydney’s south-west blocking access to traffic.

Islam Muslim prayer block streets


Los Angeles Oct 2015




Muslims praying in the streets paris







Police in Germany are starting to go public

Police in Germany are starting to go public about the restraints authorities are placing on their ability to do their job among the migrant community without being accused of racism or using extensive force.

In addition, they say they are forced to downplay the seriousness of many crimes to create desirable statistics.

“At first, mostly families with children – who looked educated and spoke English – were coming here,” an officer who worked at the Munich train stations, among other “refugee hotspots,” told the newspaper Bild. “Meanwhile, 95 percent of refugees are now single men.”

The federal officer, identified only as Bernd K., continued, “One asylum seeker wanted to cut his fellow’s throat. But the crime scene report included only severe injuries rather than murder attempt. This looks better for the statistics.”

K. said in the last number of months on his beats, he only made one criminal charge against a native German, the rest were against migrants.

K. also works in Passau and Freilassing, located in Bavaria, where he said sexual harassment is rampant. “At the train station, women are sexually harassed and offended on regular basis. When we speak of an entry ban [to the area], they would shout on us: ‘You are not my police. You are a racist’,” he said.

The officer also complained that police, on order from their superiors, are not allowed to arrest these offenders or use any coercive against them.

“Our domestic rule is – better to let him run away,” he said. “Otherwise it will turn into a big bang someday, if it’s not there already,”


ISIS among us’ – Christina Refugees claim militants living with them in Germany


5 Shariah police’ free to ‘patrol’ German streets

Published: 12/10/2015 at 11:00 PM

Sharia no go zonesA German court has given the green light to “Shariah police” who “patrol” city streets in search of Islamic-law violators.

A judge ruled Thursday that Salafist men who were arrested in Wuppertal, Germany, in September 2014 did nothing wrong when they harangued passers-by attempting to enter clubs, casinos and bars. Members of the Islamic group wore vests with “Sharia police” printed across the back and carried “Sharia Controlled Zone” signs, BBC reported Thursday.

Sharia Controlled Zone


France – the world needs to see

Hidden camera shows shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim – Islam in Paris


The French have become increasingly fed up with what they see as the growing Islamization of France.

PARIS – Friday in Paris. A hidden camera shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim worshippers and enforced by a private security force.

This is all illegal in France: the public worship, the blocked streets, and the private security. But the police have been ordered not to intervene.

It shows that even though some in the French government want to get tough with Muslims and ban the burqa, other parts of the French government continue to give Islam a privileged status.

An ordinary French citizen who has been watching the Islamization of Paris decided that the world needed to see what was happening to his city. He used a hidden camera to start posting videos on YouTube. His life has been threatened and so he uses the alias of “Maxime Lepante. ”

Lepante’s View

His camera shows that Muslims “are blocking the streets with barriers. They are praying on the ground. And the inhabitants of this district cannot leave their homes, nor go into their homes during those prayers.”

“The Muslims taking over those streets do not have any authorization. They do not go to the police headquarters, so it’s completely illegal,” he says.

The Muslims in the street have been granted unofficial rights that no Christian group is likely to get under France’s Laicite’, or secularism law.

“It says people have the right to share any belief they want, any religion,” Lepante explained. “But they have to practice at home or in the mosque, synagogues, churches and so on.”

Some say Muslims must pray in the street because they need a larger mosque. But Lepante has observed cars coming from other parts of Paris, and he believes it is a weekly display of growing Muslim power.

“They are coming there to show that they can take over some French streets to show that they can conquer a part of the French territory,” he said.

France’s Islamic Future?

If France faces an Islamic future, a Russian author has already written about it. The novel is called “The Mosque of Notre Dame, 2048,” a bestseller in Russia, not in France.

French publisher Jean Robin said the French media ignored the book because it was politically incorrect.

“Islam is seen as the religion of the poor people, so you can’t say to the poor people, ‘You’re wrong,’ otherwise, you’re a fascist,” Robin explained.

The book lays out a dark future when France has become a Muslim nation, and the famous cathedral has been turned into a mosque.

Whether that plot is farfetched depends on whom you ask. Muslims are said to be no more than 10 percent of the French population, although no one knows for sure because French law prohibits population counts by religion.

But the Muslim birthrate is significantly higher than for the native French. Some Muslim men practice polygamy, with each extra wife having children and collecting a welfare check.

“The problem of Islam is more than a problem of numbers,” said French philosopher Radu Stoenescu, an Islamic expert who debates Muslim leaders on French TV. “The problem is one of principles. It’s an open question. Is Islam an ideology or just a creed?”

“It doesn’t matter how many there are,” he aded. “The problem is the people who follow Islam; they’re somehow in a political party, which has a political agenda, which means basically implementing Sharia and building an Islamic state.”

Pro Multiculturalism IS anti Islam – don’t you get it Betina?

​Is Betina Szkudlarek just blatantly uninformed?

My response to her article:

The racist fringe must be cut before it grows stronger

I have 5 things to say

  1. Anti Islam is Pro Multiculturalism
  2. I am Anti Islam because I respect and value other people’s right to enjoy Australia, side by side with me, in peace and harmony including Muslims.
  3. Islam is a destructive political idealogy that says convert or die (what part of that don’t you understand Betina?) which preaches violence and inequality
  4. Europe is experiencing cival uprising as a result of their open immigration policies. Hello!! Look at Germany and look at Sweden – two of the most liberal countries with wide open door policies.
  5. Name calling of people who have an opinion that is different to yours is not very professional and it is exactly what the Silence Jihard wants Racist , Bigot, Intolerant, anti-Muslim Islamphobic . As a journalist you think you would have your wordsmith skills a little better hones. Islam is not a race.

They are now heading towards ruin unless the peaceful people raise up a political party that puts a stop to it.

Sweden is now the number one rape capital of the world. Sweden, Germany  and France all suffering under “No Go” Islamic gettos. Their police and ambulance personel are in constant danger.

French Governement reported on their website there were 751 enclaves “No Go ” areas ruled by Sharia Law. They do not recognise French Law. They are taught “Anyone who insults the prophet must be put to death.  2 of the 3 perpertraiters of the Charlie Hebro killings were born in these areas.

Is this what you want for our beautiful safe country Betina?

All I ask is you get  up to speed with the facts. Your ignorance of this subject is down right dangerous.

Betina wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald:

“If we don’t curtail growing anti-immigration rhetoric, we risk going down the same intolerant path as Europe.”

Well Betina, I am unashamably Anti Islam.

Why? Because I love our multicultural Australia where the Italians and the Greeks and the Vietnamese and the Chinese and absolutley everyone has been able to come to our beautiful country and assimulate and contribute into our society and bring with them all the  rich tapestry of their culture and live in harmony and peace with their neighbours who might have been true blue Aussies or from some other country.

Read her full article here

Identify the enemy by Name

Robert Spencer on Hannity’s Great American Panel,  January 10, 2015: “Rise of Radical Islam”

Published on 12 Jan 2015

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch appeared on Hannity’s Great American Panel on January 10, 2015 to discuss the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre and the truth about Islamic jihad.

This video covers so much that we need to be aware of.:

  • Islam means Submission
  • You can not defend against what you do not name”
  • 300 Million Muslims believe the teachings literally
  • We are now in a geo political war
  • US Governement removes all reference to Islam from military – they refuse to name if Islam rather “violent extremism” – Obama’s administration irradicated reference to islam
  • Leah couldn’t bring herself to call it what it is “Islam” – she still referred to it as “violent extremism”
  • Immigration – they need to adhere to a “social contract’
  • First we kill the Jews and then we come for the Christians.
  • 1..2 Billion Muslims in the world today 15% are radicalised about 300Million ready to blow us up.

A great collection of speakers on thsi panel. Shame we could not hear all they had to say. Interesting the



The day after the Charlie Hebdo murders

50 mil Muslims in Europe – 80% are beggars living on Western welfare”… AND THEY ALL BLAME THEJEWS The jihadists killed the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists because they were blasphemers. They killed these people in the supermarket because they were Jews, the worst enemies of the Muslims according to the Qur’an (5:82)
what do you expect from the west? WE MUST STOP ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION. Make pressure to your Government