Shiite versus Sunni – what is the difference?

Oh My Goodness. If you were one or the other you would be horrified to think people don’t know.

The resurgence of ISIS in 2012  is a direct result of the Shiite – Sunni treatment of each other.

The Sunni Muslems joined with ISIS

The declaration of war on the world (on the infidels – you and me) was made by the Sunni Caliphate

The USA military pulled out of Iraq late 2011 with the promise from IRAQ that the government going forward would be a joint, cohesive government across both groups. Unfortunately President Nouri Al-Maliki ( a Shiite muslim) reneged on this commitment, imprisoned and killed Sunnis and removed them from positions in police and government.

The Sunni’s in turn  rose up in retaliation, joined with the hard core remnants of ISIS who had gained strength in Syria and then went on a murdering spree up and down the country.

It is a complex deeply troubled division

From Google:

The group now known as Sunnis chose Abu Bakr, the prophet’s adviser, to become the first successor, or caliph, to lead the Muslim state.

Shiites favored Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law. Ali and his successors are called imams, who not only lead the Shiites but are considered to be descendants of Muhammad.