Islam in Australia

Australia is such a wonderful country to live in. We are rich with a diversity of cultures and ethnic groups that have contributed enormously to the wealth of our country. Multiculturalism in Australia has been a wonderful success with people from all nations, religions and walks of life contributing and integrating into our society.

The exception  to this is Islam.  Islam teaches it people not to integrate, it’s agenda is to dominate.

Make no mistake, the western world is at war with Islam. Islam declared the caliphate in June 2014 against all of us.


I first became aware that I needed to do something regarding Islam back in 2010.

I watched a TV report and I came away thinking

I don’t know enough about Islam and the complexity of the issues.

I decided to learn.

My desire was to get to the truth. A multi layered and complex topic as well as a very emotive topic. We have seen how it can too easily swing to the Left, where some people are too polically correct to acknowledge the problem of Muslim Fundamentalism at all or at worse, even apologise for it. Or it can swing to the Right, where we find people who think every Muslim is inherently a fundamentalist and an ISIS supporter.

I believe both are dangerous for our country.

I have found one of the biggest challenges is languaging. What do certain words mean. Calling someone a Muslim and believing that that describes a group of people who want to behead everyone is ridiculous.

Believing that the Islamic ISIS fighters follow a religion of peace is just as ridiculous.

Our Australian leaders are handcuffed or bedazzled by political correctness or the allure of Saudi money or the double mindedness that comes from being overwhelmed by the complexity of a situation. I am not sure why they are so ineffective and they are no alone. Other world leaders are just as ineffective

There is still a long way to go but my hope is that, if we, as brothers and sisters of this nation are willing to dialogue, willing to acknowledge that  both Left and Right are making a terrible mess which is resulting in increasing the angst between families and  between communities, then we, the people , can and must, find a solution.

The players in this worldwide scenario are many. No one can deny the horrific world wide carnage being carried out in the name of Allah but just as true is that no one can deny the slaughter of thousands of Muslims who follow Allah. I hope to unravel this oximoran for those interested in more than just name calling.

Lets help the average Australian so they don’t start blaming every Muslim they meet and treating them any different to their Greek or Hungarian neighbour down the road but at the same time they start to recognise who the real enemy is, and what we, as Australian citizens,  can and should be doing. There is a real enemy that needs to be exposed.

My journey of learning has included some stand out articles and videos.

Katima’s TED talk changed my perspective one more time. Her languaging is to use Fundamentalists

A definition of Fundamentalists provided by Marieme Helie-Lucas. Algerian Founder WLUML (Women Living Under Muslim Law) is:

Fundamentalisms: political movements of the extreme right,which, in a context of globalisation … manipulate religion in order to achieve their politcal gains.

Katima states Fundametalists :

  • violate human rights.
  • Wide spread attacks on civilians
  • Advocacy of discrimination of religious minorities
  • Advocacy of corporal punishment like flogging, stoning, beheading
  • Curtailing freedom of religion
  • All out war on the rights of women


Where to start to understand?

Let us start with the most often heard comments.

Islam is a religion of Peace.

Yes it is.

Islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology and a very violent one at that.

Yes it is.

How can both these statements be true? Well if you follow Islam they can be.

Enter Muhammad and his rule of Abrogation,

By learning about the life of Muhammad  and his transition from his time in Mecca as a self proclaimed Prophet & Preacher for 12 years to
the Politican & Warlord in Medina you will start to see why there are such contradictions about what it is to follow Islam.

Islam is not just determined by the Koran It is determined by their  Holy Scriptures. The bible of Islam is the Koran, and the Sunna made up of the Sira and the Hadith.

The Koran(Qur’an)  is only 14% of the doctrine of Islam. The Sunna  the other 86%.  Islam is 14% Allah and 86% Mohammed.

The Qur’an is a collection of words that Muhammad attributed to Allah.
The Hadith is a collection of narrations of the life and deeds of Muhammad.  The Sira is his recorded biography.
The Sunnah is said to be Muhammad’s way of life, on which Islamic law (Sharia) is based.

Because of Jihard

This Jihard war is being fought very differently to what the West is used to.

  • Jihard uses population growth
  • Jihard uses immigration
  • Jihard uses “… no talkies”
  • Jihard uses our own Legal System
  • Jihard uses our Education System
  • Jihard is against non Muslims and Muslim
  • Jihard is against Chritians, Jews, Buddhists,Himdus & Secular (all Kafirs)

So what about the peaceful Muslim family that lives next door to you. Well my heart breaks for these folk. They are in a very difficult situation.

  1. Some of these Muslims are as Aussie as you and I.
  2. It seems that some do not really understand the full extent of their own scriptural books and so are confused as to why non Muslims consider Islam a threat.
  3. Some are influenced by the Imams and the men in their family. Critical thinking is not encouraged in Islam and yet we have many well educated men and women who follow the Islamic faith who are very capable of critical thinking but it is against the islamic ideology to question Islam!
  4. As more Mosques are built (using Saudi money) and more Imams are trained (in Saudi Universities using scholarships) the tone of the teaching and preaching becomes more antagonistic. Family men are beseeched from the pulpiy, implored, threatened to bring their families in line with the true Islam. To live their lives as dictated by Sharia law. Women start to lose their freedom. The abiding legal system becomes more Sharia focused.
  5. I am concerned as the Islam Council push and achieve more and more “special rights” and “exceptions”for Muslims this will alienate them as “one of us” and cause unnecessary tensions

What can we do

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

What is the ideal outcome

A mosque’s religious purpose is used to promote Islamic doctrine and promoting Islamic doctrine is contrary to the law in a free society. The Koran itself 3 times calls for unbelievers to be killed wherever they are found and 10 times for unbelievers to be enslaved ….

Step 3

Thought provoking

Uploaded on 4 Sep 2010

Three things you (probably) don’t know about Islam

  1. Islam has not been hijacked
  2. Striving to institute worldwide Sharia Law is a religious duty
  3. Muslims are allowed to deceive Non- Muslims if it helps Islam


Is reforming Islam the answer – is it even possible?

Lateline: An atheist and a Muslim on the future of Islam

Published on 28 Oct 2015



I would greatly encourage anyone who follows Islam who is willing to have an honest and respectful dialogue to contact me. I want to learn more. I want my fellow Australians ( Muslim and Non Muslim) to learn more. Pretending their is no issue or shutting the discussion down by name calling is not productive and is, in fact, offensive.

The reality is that every terroist attack or attempted terrorist attack perpetrated on Australian soil to date has been by someone of the Islamic faith.

The individuals who raise these issues are accused of fearmongering (the action of deliberately arousing public fear or alarm about a particular issue.) We only have to look at France to know that the grounds for fear are very real.

Lets work together to remove the fear. A big task indeed but I believe if any one can – Australia can.

So what has happened here in Australia in the last decade to cause the unprecedented rise in name calling?   “Racist” and “Bigot” “Islamophobe” slips of people’s tongues in the absence of informed conversation.

A  subtle , gradual and deliberate Islamisation of Australia is what has happened.


The ongoing and complex political turmoil in the Middle East has opened the way for Islam to publically declare war on the Western World.  This new Calaphate was finally established July 2014 and although the wheels of world domination have been in motion for 1400 years it has now taken on a new momentum.

Understanding Islam is not an easy task. I do not profess to be an expert. But being informed to the best of our ability is paramount if we value and want to keep our way of life here in Australia. I started noticing the push back in 2011 and have tried to become as informed as I can from as many diverse sources as possible.

You may think I am being over dramatic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here in Australia we are in a unique position.  We can project our future based on our sister countries around the world.  Britain and Canada in particular.